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A based forum on how to sprite with Pokemon. We have a range of teachers and students and a very successful thread.
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 KuroiHana-'s Journal ♥

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Noob Spriter

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PostSubject: KuroiHana-'s Journal ♥   Fri Sep 09, 2011 5:42 am

Okay, so, uhm, hii ^^
My name is KuroiHana-, but most call me Kuroi anyway. I don't like to be called Hana all that much. Oh, and you may also call me by my real name, Lily. I answer to Monster too.. (:
Anyway, I am 15 years old, turning 16 in 5 weeks. Born and raised in the Netherlands, so my first language is Dutch.
Okay, so, yeah. My history with the Spriters Academy is short, but memorable. When the first Academy was still running, I could already sprite (well, I could recolour and fuse xD). And when I saw that you had to pass those classes first before learning something else, I was too lazy to do so and never paid attention to it again.
I don't remember when or how, but somehow I ended up at the academy again. And this time I did take all the classes which ended up in me becoming a teacher. And I don't know what more to write so MEH.

Classes I teach
Basic recolours - taught by Thilde
Basic fusions - taught by ?
Advanced recolours - taught by ?
Advanced fusions - taught by ?
Eggs - taught by ?
Re-elements - taught by ?
Trainers - taught by ?

If anyone remembers teaching me, please tell me o3o

Also, I am now learning revamps with Mila.
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KuroiHana-'s Journal ♥
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